Shilp Epitome, a reflection of your corporate aspirations, is the most elite and prestigious business centre in the city. Located prominently at the Rajpath Club Road, the building is well connected for your business success. An elegant blend of glass and concrete, it is a spectacular structure. Striking design, impeccable planning and world-class craftsmanship is destined to make it an esteemed corporate hub and top-notch retail destination.

Extraordinary high-end showrooms with glass façade will display your brands and inspire footfalls and sales. The vivacious environs of this retail hub permeate a fresh vibe of pulsating energy that elevates the shopping and dining experience. The interiors ensure maximum utilization of space and the building provides a chit chat place for the occupants to unwind and relax. The glass façade gives ample sunlight, open vistas provide unrestrictive views of the main road and the common plots. Along with 8 fully automatic lifts, exclusive elevator is available for office owners. Parking at the ground floor, 3 basements and a separate one for visitors, accounts to ample space.

The building connects to two prime roads – both the Rajpath Rangoli Road and the Sindhu Bhavan Road. The surrounding area is a hub for business centers, shopping malls, eateries, recreation centers, clubs and gardens.


salient features



salient features

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